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2013.05.11-182443World Of Smiles is pleased to announce that we now offer frenectomies in the office. A fren-ect-a-what you say?! This simple procedure refers to the removal of a flap of tissue called a frenum that prevents an organ or tissue from achieving free range of motion.

Our doctors are most concerned with the frena in the upper lip and the one beneath the tongue. A baby with a tight frenum under their tongue is described as “tongue tied”. In order to help both parents and providers identify the severity of this concern, Dr. Stafford has put together her own diagnostic scales for both tongue and lip ties. High quality PDFs of these scales can be downloaded by clicking the thumbnail images below.

Tongue Tie ThumbnailTongue Tie Classification

Lip Tie ThumbnailLip Tie Classification

Untreated, both of these situations can contribute to difficulties with breastfeeding, speech and oral cleansing.


The Laser Frenectomy is featured at our West office with Dr. Stafford, although arrangements can be made to have the laser procedure done at the North location. Dr. Staci can also perform the procedure with Electrosurgery using a Bovie device.


Frenectomy Before & After






This shows a before and after for both a tongue and lip tie.

Frenectomy Exercises with Melissa Cole of Luna Lactation from Josh Halley on Vimeo. Luna Lactation is great resource! Visit them on the web HERE!



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