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What is holistic and sustainable dentistry?

We define holistic and sustainable dentistry as treating the whole child and family in a safe and intentional environment. Our goal is to provide a positive learning experience for each child that we meet, and we work with parents to identify the contributing factors to their child’s decay. Our extensive patient interview, Oral Hygiene Instruction, Nutritional Counseling, and the use of the Cari-Free Program all play a part in treating our patients.

The features of our approach to holistic and sustainable dentistry include:

  • Mercury-free
  • BPA-free
  • Recycling all approved plastics
  • Electronic charting
  • BIS-GMA free options

Read on for more detail on some of these and other topics.


At World of Smiles, we only use the most sophisticated products that we know are safe and healthy for our patients. Therefore, we do not use any mercury-containing materials. We use dental materials that are the most biocompatible. Furthermore, we do not use Dental Sealants that contain Bisphenol-A. Rest assured that we are concerned with the overall health of your child.

Computerized Office

From the moment you enter World of Smiles and complete all forms on a computer, you will recognize you are in a high-tech environment. Everything from digital radiographs to paperless charting is incorporated into this modern pediatric dental practice.

Digital Radiography

panoAll x-rays are taken with state-of-the-art computer technology, which uses significantly less radiation than traditional x-rays. We also have an unique extra-oral panoramic machine which can capture everything we need to see and eliminates gagging or struggling to keep the film in place. Patients love how easy it is!

State-of-the-Art Technology

Drilling? No thanks!We believe in keeping up with technology and the most sophisticated dental products. There are some cutting edge products that allow for repairing an area of tooth decalcification or early cavity without drilling. This is a very new concept and still in the early stages of research and development but the possibilities are exciting. Learn more at Drilling? No thanks!

Patient Entertainment

Televisions built into the ceiling above every dental chair provide children with a positive and family-friendly distraction. By keeping the patient distracted with our commercial free, G-Rated movie selection, the dental team can easily communicate with parents while thoroughly examining and cleaning their child’s teeth. During treatment procedures, the child is able to engage in a fun movie experience which makes appointments seem shorter and much more enjoyable for the child.

Water Filtration

At World of Smiles we provide only the healthiest options for our patients which is why we installed the highly sophisticated Pelton & Crane Water Filtration System. This state-of-the-art system filters all incoming water so that patients receive only the highest quality filtered water during cleanings, treatment and while in the office.

Paperless Charting

We run a highly sophisticated dental software program that allows us to create individualized treatment plans for our child patients. We can easily display your child’s radiographs, pictures and dental needs on the computer screen to better communicate with you and answer any questions you may have. Once we determine a plan for your child’s oral health care, we will print you an easy-to-understand take-home statement.

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