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World of Smiles is growing up with the addition of a dedicated teen suite!  The new office is located in Suite 220, just across the hall from our West side location, allowing parents to continue scheduling their teens with younger siblings at the same time.

This transitional practice will focus on preventative care for teens and young adults including regular cleanings, exams,  x-rays, and sealants. The office will continue to offer nutritional counseling as well as acting as a resource on the dangers of tobacco and marijuana use and other teen issues. In addition to basic care and hygiene, the clinic will treat small fillings, and provide some extractions. Concerns like root canals, aesthetic crowns, and third molar extractions will be referred to a trusted provider. Only once their dental needs regularly exceed our scope will it prove necessary to find those young adults a new dental home with a true adult dentist.


And of course, we are also adding space in our schedules to allow parents to be seen right along side their teens! This service is described as Adult Preventative Dentistry, since we will not be set up to handle the more complicated cases. The survey on the other side will help us to establish if we are a good fit for your own dental care.

If you are interested, please complete THIS SURVEY to see if this service is a good option for your dental needs.

Dr. Stafford will be seeing patients at the new space on Mondays and Fridays. We are thrilled to announce the addition of Restorative Hygienist  Kristin Collett to the team.

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