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  • Your Child Can Be A Star Flosser

    Your Child Can Be A Star Flosser

    Many dentists are agreeing that flossing is equally as important (arguably more important) than brushing!  Flossing removes plaque, bacteria, and food between the teeth and along the gums  where a toothbrush can’t reach. In fact some sources indicate that brushing alone only reaches 35% of your tooth surfaces.  Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most […]Read More »
  • Cough syrups, gummy vitamins and cavities

    Cough syrups, gummy vitamins and cavities

    Here are some thought about what to do during that time of year when coughs, colds and flu can make your child’s life miserable. Besides, these can strike any time of year! And like many people, you’ll probably reach for extra multi-vitamins or an over-the-counter medication to ease your little ones symptoms. But did you know […]Read More »
  • Ten Causes of Bad Breath in Children

    Ten Causes of Bad Breath in Children

    Bad breath, medically known as halitosis, is a condition that even healthy children can suffer from. If you’ve noticed that your child’s is not so pleasant, there is hope, and likely an answer. When it comes to bad breath in children, most of the time improper oral hygiene is the culprit. What Causes Bad Breath? […]Read More »

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