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  • News about BPA

    This week we thought we would share a little story that NPR put out following up on some research regarding the affects of BPA on humans. You can find the original article here. Interestingly, even though the FDA has banned the use of BPA in sippy cups and baby bottles, the research has not shown increased exposure to BPA to have any negative impact on health. Granted, the debate is sure to continue as more studies are done. In the meantime, World Of Smiles remains committed to maintaining an office that is free from BPA.



    What are sealants?

    A sealant is a material that protects the grooves and biting surface of the teeth from cavities. A sealant is placed only if there is no decay present on the tooth. The sealant is prevention against tooth decay. This is an easy procedure for your child. First the tooth is cleaned with plain toothpaste, followed by a “blue shampoo” that makes the tooth clean and prepared for the sealant. Then the sealant, which is white, is painted into the grooves of the molars. We then dry or cure the tooth “paint” with a special blue curing light.  To increase the longevity of the sealant it is important to avoid any hard or sticky candy that may break or pull off the sealant. And of course, all materials including sealants at World of Smiles, Pediatric Dentistry are BPA-Free.

    What is Holistic Dentistry?

    What is holistic and sustainable dentistry?

    We define holistic and sustainable dentistry as treating the whole child and family in a safe and intentional environment. Our goal is to provide a positive learning experience for each child that we meet, and we work with parents to identify the contributing factors to their child’s decay. Our extensive patient interview, Oral Hygiene Instruction, Nutritional Counseling, and the use of the Cari-Free Program all play a part in treating our patients.

    Using the safest dental products we can by avoiding Mercury and BPA, practicing sustainability by recycling approved plastics, using electronic charting, and simplifying our “earth-print” all play a part in our goal of holistic and sustainable practice.

    What’s in a Name?

    Looking back through our archived blog posts, there are some really great topics that are oldies but goodies! Here’s a blast from the past from last fall – talking about key differences between a general dentist and a pediatric dentist.

    So what is really different about your general family dentist vs. a pediatric dentist? Yes, we can figure out that pediatric dentists work with kids, but what sets them apart, and is it worth the extra money spent visiting a specialist?

    Our response is a resounding YES! to that question – and here is the reason why.

    A pediatric dentist is trained beyond dental school in caring for children with special healthcare needs, as well as understanding the unique needs of a child. Experience (and research) has taught us that children are definitively not just ‘little adults’ and as such they have needs apart from our own as adults. As parents, we know that introducing our children to new experiences and teaching them about the world around them takes on a new light when seen through 3 foot-high vision, and so working with a doctor and staff that are trained specifically to work with a child’s worldview is extremely important to laying the foundation to a positive visit.

    General dentists do not uniformly receive training in care of special patients and children in general, although some may have had additional training after dental school encompassing patients with special healthcare needs. Pediatric dentists are also more likely to have affiliations with hospitals and established relationships with pediatricians and other child specialists, which creates a network of health professionals dedicated to your child’s well being.

    It’s also important to choose a pediatric dentist that has sought additional voluntary certifications by the Board of Pediatric Dentistry. These dentists have completed additional hours of training and studies to prepare them to educate families and identify specialized treatment that many general dentists may not recognize.

    We invite you to come visit us at World of Smiles, Pediatric Dentistry for a complimentary tour to see what is different about our holistic, child-centered practice!

    Spring Break Give-Away!

    We’re launching our next big Give-Away! Visit our Facebook page and comment on our Spring Break Give-Away post with a picture of what you did during your Spring Break. Are you going on a vacation or have fun activities planned at home? All posts will go into a drawing, and on March 31st we will announce our Mom’s Pamper-Me Basket winner!! We have some fabulous prizes to give in our basket – and we can’t wait to see your pictures!

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