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  • Tooth Tip # 5

    Tooth Tip # 5

    Phew! We have made it the end of our tooth tip series…for now. We are sure to come up with even more tips in the future to help parents and kids keep those super smiles. Tooth Tip #5: Establish a dental home. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends establishing a “dental home” by age […]Read More »
  • Tooth Tips Part 4

    Tooth Tips Part 4

    So many tooth tips! You click HERE to start from the beginning. Tooth Tip # 4: Know what tooth decay looks like. Be aware of the signs of baby tooth decay (white spots or brown/dark pits on teeth) and stay up to date on dental exams.  Our doctors at World of Smiles recommend regular 6 month check-ups […]Read More »
  • Tooth Tips Part 3

    Tooth Tips Part 3

    We have made it to tip number 3 in our ongoing tooth tip series! Tooth Tip #3:  As teeth arrive, use the correct toothbrush and toothpaste. When the first teeth start to show up (usually around 6 months, but this can vary greatly from child to child), use a toothbrush specifically designed for babies. These […]Read More »

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