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  • Baby Pacifiers: Pros and Cons

    Baby Pacifiers: Pros and Cons

    A common question new parents are often faced with:  should you give your baby a pacifier? Using a pacifier comes with both pros and cons, according to the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). On the positive side, pacifiers provide a source of comfort to infants and can teach self-soothing. Pacifiers can also assist in reducing […]Read More »
  • Snacking and Cavities

    Snacking and Cavities

    Snacking and Cavities Snacking can increase your child’s cavity risk! Dental professionals recommend that eating smaller, scheduled meals throughout the day can help prevent childhood obesity, but also tooth decay! Researchers now know that frequent snacking – or “grazing” – is becoming a major source of tooth decay, especially in children. Teeth go through a […]Read More »
  • Brushing Demo

    Brushing Demo

    Dr. Stafford gives a quick brushing demo on her younger son when was 13 months old. When it comes to brushing, he can be a bit…challenging. 🙂Read More »

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